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WordPress 3.9 SMITH

WordPress Smith

WordPress has just released version 3.9 “Smith” named after the Jazz great Jimmy Smith.

The biggest thing that comes with this release is a super enhanced visual editor interface, that essentially “closes the gap” between what you see in the WordPress editor area and what the world sees when you publish.

WordPress 3.9 SMITH

This has always been a bit of an issue – you could never be totally sure what the post would actually look like until you previewed the post in the live environment. I always recommend to our clients to preview their posts before publishing – you always want to make sure that the design and layout integrity of your post remains intact. With WordPress 3.9 Smith, it just got a whole lot easier.

With this update, you’ll be able to edit images right in live preview mode, preview galleries, preview the way your widgets will look and lots more – BEFORE YOU PUBLISH!

Nearly every aspect of the visual editing experience in WordPress is subject to this upgrade. Below is a rundown of all the major changes that come with this release of WordPress 3.9:

  1. Preview Galleries, Video and Audio right from the visual editor
  2. Live Widgets Preview
  3. Editing Images is now much easier with cropping, scaling and more right from the visual editor.
  4. Drag and Drop Images from your desktop into WordPress without any other steps.
  5. Create Audio and Video Playlists
  6. Better Copy and Paste from other text editing programs like Microsoft Word

On top of all the visual editing enhancements, live preview of almost everything, easier editing experience and the new audio and video playlist feature, one of my favorite items in this update is the improved copy/paste from other text editors. WordPress now strips away extraneous code that is unseen from text copied and pasted from (document) editors like Microsoft Word. That code could reek havoc with a WordPress Post.

What will they think of next?

While you ponder that, go update your WordPress to version 3.9 Smith and watch the video below to see all the new features.

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