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A Hummingbird Morning

Hummingbirds are found only in the western hemisphere, so they are absent from the traditional fairy tales, legends, and myths of European and African Americans. There is, however, a rich supply of stories about these tiny birds in Native American mythology.


Hummingbird Legends in the Americas

Mayan legend says that the Hummingbird is actually the sun in disguise who is trying to win the love of a beautiful woman – the moon.

Another Mayan legend says the first two hummingbirds were created from the left-over feather scraps from the making of other birds. The god who made the hummers was so pleased he had an elaborate wedding ceremony for them. First butterflies marked out a room, then flower petals fell on the ground to make a carpet; spiders spun webs to make a bridal pathway, then the sun sent down rays which caused the tiny groom to glow with dazzling reds and greens. The wedding guests noticed that whenever he turned away from the sun, he became drab again like the original gray feathers from which he was made.

An Apache legend tells of Wind Dancer, a young warrior, who was born deaf, but could sing magical, wordless songs that brought healing and good weather. He married Bright Rain, a beautiful, young woman whom he rescued when she was being attacked by a wolf.

Wind Dancer was killed during another errand of mercy. A bitter winter ensued, but it suddenly and mysteriously ended after Bright Rain started taking solitary walks.


Hopi Hummingbird Kachina Tribal elders learned Wind Dancer had come back to Bright Rain in the form of a hummingbird. He wore the same ceremonial costume and war paint he had worn as a man. In fields of spring flowers he would approach her and whisper his magical secrets in her ear. This brought her peace and joy.


My Little Wind Dancer

So what does this have to do with my morning? Well, this morning my dog Monty (who loves to chase things…) discovered what I thought, at first was a dead baby bird. Upon further review – I discovered that it was a living baby hummingbird.

Cool, except last summer, I also found another baby hummer – I did everything I could do to rescue it. The internet doesn’t have much info on rescuing a baby hummingbird except put it in an open container near where you found it and maybe the mother will come and feed.

Last Summer, this is what happened – the mother came around and fed the baby… for the first day. On day 2, mom came around, sat nearby but never fed the baby. I am sure you can surmise the end of the story…

Obviously, this past experience weighed on me when I found the baby this morning. But I’m always up for another go.

I ran in the house and grabbed a little container to put the baby in (I was certainly hoping for a different result). I carefully picked up the baby and was just putting the baby into the little Tupperware bowl, when it furiously flapped it’s little wings and flew away. WOW…

baby hummingbird

It appears that my little Wind Dancer was old enough to fly but maybe he just needed to whisper a few little magical secrets to me first… What a beautiful day!

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  1. What a beautiful, happy ending to your story! What an angel you (and Monty, too) were to that baby hummingbird; all he needed was a little attention and TLC! :)

    (And amazing pictures, by the way ~ you are quite the photographer!)

  2. Lennie Appelquist says:

    Thanks so much… But I can’t take photo credit – not mine…

  3. What a fantastic story. I did not know they were on the own so quickly. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a beautiful story!!!! I totally
    love it! The baby hummingbird is so cute!
    By the way, awsome “around the world”
    hummingbird tales! ;)

  5. How To Gently Capture and Release a Trapped Hummingbird:

    If you happen to have a hummingbird that is trapped in your home, use a down feather duster to capture and release it.

    It is a safe and effective method for capturing the hummer…you will not harm it in the least.

    Once the hummer is in the duster, gently shake the duster to free the bird. : )

  6. Great story! It reminds me of when I went outside and saw what looked like a dead hummingbird lying still on the ground. I walked over to it, and it flew right away!

  7. What an amazing beautiful story! You are so priviledged to have this story. Simply Gorgeous!

  8. Dear Lennie,
    over here(Peruibe, SP, Brasil) we too have those mother Nature jewells. In my back yard I happen to have fruit trees, a vegy garden and on a mango tree there’s a hummer’s nest. I’ll try and shoot a video(or at least some photos) of the two babies and the mother, who apparently gets very upset with my aproaching the nest. If I succeed how can I send you the material?
    Thanks a bundle for sharing!!

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