My Travel Map

Thanks to, I now have a travel map. Boy looking at it in this form sure makes me realize that there is still a whole lot of world still unexplored by me! If you want your own travel … [Read more...]

Vicious Circle is a Winner!

Winner of the NY Latino Film Festival Best Picture! A great indy film that I had the pleasure to work on in 2006 with my great friend, Director, Paul Boyd (I was the UPM/1st AD) had it's world … [Read more...]

The Art of Prep

So what the hell am I talking about here? Well, to me, Preproduction (prep) is the most important part of the filmmaking process. Why do I say this? Stephen Covey, Author of the book, "The 7 … [Read more...]

Your First Production Job

Getting your first job in the film industry can seem a daunting task. But I have put together a few tips so you can get that first job on that big feature. Who you know The film industry really is … [Read more...]

James Blunt 1973

Shot over 2 days on the backlot at Universal Studios Los Angeles, on the "New York Street" set (yes, I was the 1st AD), this video conceived and directed by P R Brown lives in 2 worlds at once. The … [Read more...]