Social Media Marketing Lessons from Big Brands

budweiser puppy love

What do we know about the Superbowl? Lots, really... It is one of the largest spectacles of sport in the world - somewhere in the neighborhood of 108 million American's watched the game. The … [Read more...]

Jaguar Goes “Super-Cool”


The 1st time I saw this commercial for the Jaguar XK, I rewound my DVR to watch it again (3 times). It is so GOOD! Styling & style. 90 or so edits in 1:15, still pics, graphics a great sound … [Read more...]

Marketing Like a Rockstar!

Paul Stanley of Kiss teaches marketing

Everything I learned About Marketing, I learned From Paul Stanley of KISS! Not quite but I'll tell you what. If you pay attention to any great rock front man or woman, you will notice a couple … [Read more...]

Chocolate Rain

What started out as a Youtube hit, has hit the big time. The foresight of the singer/composer is pretty nifty too. Right in the description on the original Youtube page it says: "Heads up to … [Read more...]

Fierce Blue Ascot

In a hedonistic decade of excess, “Under the Moon” tells the simple and innocent story of a handsome, sensitive and incredibly talented young man looking for love. With backing from Fierce Blue … [Read more...]