Are YOU Living Your Dream?

Dreams come in many shapes and sizes, don't they? We all have them but do we really do enough to live into our dreams? Life is tricky. It requires negotiation and fearless navigation. The bills … [Read more...]

A Touch of Class


Class... now isn't that a topic? Class kind of goes along with grace. We can choose to walk through life gracefully or like the proverbial bull in the china shop. The choice is up to us. That's … [Read more...]

Magnificence Manifest

Misty Morning in the Muir Woods

As we cruise through our lives, busy as bees, maybe we sometimes forget to notice the beauty that surrounds us every moment of our lives. The beauty can exist as the people we meet, the people we love … [Read more...]

Hope Springs Eternal


Sometimes you (me) get really lucky. We have magical experiences that, if we pay attention to, will transform us in ways we would never guess. What started out as another production job turned into … [Read more...]