About Me

Be prepared for me to talk in the third person:

Lennie Appelquist is a Film Industry professional by trade, a 1st Assistant Director with extensive A-List film credits. Check the Internet Movie Database to see his resume.

Alright, enough of that. . . I have been a member of the DGA since 1996 and a 1st Assistant Director since 1998.

I am the Web Design and Technical Management arm of the FreeMarket Media Group team. An extensive portfolio of my site design can be found at FreeMarket Media Group, my web-design site.

My 17 years of multi-million dollar film production experience makes makes a top level expert at project management as well as large-scale coordination and creation of projects at any level of complexity.

Once you have managed car stunts on a closed 4 lane highway, and 1,000’s of background performers for a movie like “The Doors” you can pretty much manage anything and make it look kind of easy. . .

More 3rd person — Beware

Lennie is personable and easy to work with. His experience makes him someone who can handle and have no fear of any project, no matter how large or complicated. He has a unique perspective and ability to translate ideas into action steps and produce impressive results.

I am always looking to expand my circle of contacts. I believe that networking, while sometimes a scary proposition, is so rewarding and is one of the quickest ways to get to where you are going. New people bring new experiences and a whole new level of learning.