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Dashboard Confessional

So every once in a while during the course of my workday, I manage to get myself on camera and show up on TV. This particular day (2 days, actually) I was working on a Music Video for the band Dashboard Confessional (Don’t Wait). The concept is really cool. . . Girl leaves guy, he watches her go. Our Guy, now alone wanders while the world (literally) passes him by.

In order to create this effect, we needed to make sure that there were no cars & no people other than Chris, the singer, anywhere in the shot . This was a perfect time to be shooting on a backlot, where there is no traffic, and no pedestrians. However, we were shooting in Downtown LA on 5th Street. For those of you not familiar with LA, 5th street is a 1 way (westbound) street, that is heavily trafficked by both cars and people and if that weren’t enough, a main line for buses.

So here’s the scoop, with 4 retired LAPD motocops and 8 Production Assistants, we would hold traffic 2 blocks east, let all the traffic clear past us, scramble to clear, hold, fend off pedestrians, homless, hookers and people simply trying to catch a Westbound bus. . .

When the streets were clear of all other living, breathing, moving things, we would shoot.

That was an awesome day!

Day 1 of this video we shot in Topanga State Park, 5 minutes from my house. . . That doesn’t happen often. Chris, the singer’s apartment in the city was actually the ranger’s house in the park.

Check out the Video

And definitely check out my cameo, behind the Scenes:

Rock on!!

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